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Posted on May 28, 2017
#ChangingTracks_170528 The other day I heard a NodeJS developer state that ‘these days you cannot be a web-developer without knowing about the Command Line Interface’; making me smile as I wondered how many younger members of the development community would actually know that ‘CLI’ has been around a lot longer than Node or Javascript (or, […]
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Obfuscating JavaScript
Posted on May 19, 2017
I’m now obfuscating my JS code and linking to these files as part of inputforcolor’s new commercial expansion. This essentially means that I can demonstrate ifc webtemplates online whilst making it a little more difficult for viewers to take the code and adapt it. In this sense ‘obfuscation’ is similar to protecting copyright, but the […]
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Last Recorded Despatch
Posted on April 18, 2017
This poem was included in my collection ‘Lines of Light & Dark’.  It was also reproduced as a Flash animation many moons ago and is scheduled to become one of the first animation experiments in next year’s ‘NothingSpoken’ project _
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PGR Collage Collection
Posted on April 5, 2017
One of my more ‘fun’ work tasks is creating small collages for Paramount Games Rental video game reviews.  I make a new image every 10-14 days and post them to PGR’s online news blog called zer0Lag, which is itself also a product of inputforcolor web programming.  At time of writing this post the complete collection […]
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The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Colouring Book (Part I)
Posted on April 2, 2017
I recently purchased a rather battered copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam from a second-hand book shop, with the idea of carrying out a joint project with my son to transform the book into a digital version. As well as the beautiful decorative border and frontispiece art, there are 12 illustrations drawn by the […]
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The English Grammar in Web Development
Posted on March 21, 2017
Jonas Schmedtmann_ a web development lecturer, came up with an interesting analogy that compares the main languages used in web development to word classes in English grammar. His argument is that if HTML (which usually contains the content of a webpage) is similar to English language ‘nouns’, then the CSS which styles a webpage is […]
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The Source Code Template
Posted on March 16, 2017
There are two code pages connected to inputforcolor’s portfolio. One is all about how the portfolio itself has been built, into the structure of a WordPress blogsite (about .portfolio), and the other focuses on the renewed learning of Javascript and various packages compiled from Javascript, such as Angular2 & NodeJS, which are all part of […]
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All in a Day’s Work
Posted on March 5, 2017
The launch of a new gaming console (Nintendo Switch) on Thursday made for a busy day at ifc. A lot of games designed for the console were launched on the same day and so a lot of images needed to be created which advertised them all, as well as offers on the new console. However, […]
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ifc first WordPress template page
Posted on February 25, 2017
At time of posting this portfolio blogsite is still ‘Under Construction’ but this post marks a small milestone being passed. I don’t think any portfolio pages will use WordPress’ page.php; though ‘index’ & ‘front-page’ will be utilised, the other pages will all be customised templates. This however, is the first!
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Trawling Google for Images
Posted on February 25, 2017
A large part of my work involves photo-manipulation to create advertising images for clients; and a substantial proportion of these projects begins with a Google search for resources to work with. However, as soon as I employ filters for size or resolution the search results page(s) are flooded with stock images that I can’t use, […]
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Posted on February 25, 2017
I’ve lost count of how many times I have recreated this image; always starting from scratch, always using the same X-Wing image. I reckon the truism I wrote would lend itself to all sorts of background images, yet here I am again, back with the X-Wing…
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