about .inputforcolor
ifc is the operational name of my web development business input for color
hi _ my name is maik
i’ve spent many years working independently in various fields of graphic design and web-based programming _ i’m reasonably knowledgeable and certificated in different graphic design tools and programming languages which are mainly focused on the design_ development and maintenance of commercial websites _ my niche market is small businesses whose proprietors are very busy keeping the work going and looking for an IT guy who fits well into their operational budget and can respond quickly to fulfil their needs and provide advice that supports them _
portfolio was built by me_ mainly from php hard-coded onto a basic Wordpress structure _ the blog used to exist elsewhere online and has only recently moved to this new location_ as a subdomain of the main ifc website _ in it's older style the blog was focused on displaying my digital graphics work _ but this recent change of web location and a large ongoing expansion in my skillset _ i've decided to include commentary and snippets about code as well _
whilst most of the digital graphics on display have either been commissioned for commercial use or produced during the course of self-taught graphics training_ the posts and pages about coding will be more about the future_ the preparation and build of a large personal online project designed and mainly built in javascript and which will take 2-3 years to complete _
my business name originates from one of the first versions of the Basic programming language_
‘Alt I’ ‘Alt F’ ‘Alt C’ input to a keyboard would generate the phrase 'input for color' on an output device

development updates for this blog 'portfolio' & the main website 'inputforcolor.net'
May '17
inputforcolor's parallax subdomain rebuilt
Apr '17
inputforcolor.net rebuilt as a bootstrap template
Mar '17
portfolio.inputforcolor.net completed & online
Feb '17
not completed yet_ but portfolio.inputforcolor.net is online
Oct '16
ifc webhost one.com is offering Wordpress blog facility
it's time to bring ifc' graphics portfolio home and recreate it in a subdomain of ifc.net
this will require Wordpress & php training first
April '16
all new inputforcolor.net online!
Nov ’15
my website is currently offline due to completion of new upgrade
please contact me ifc.developer@gmail.com