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Welcome to inputforcolor’s digital grahics portfolio…
not strictly confined to digital graphics because there’s a couple of pages that cover web programming as well. Please take a moment to browse around; there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.

The purpose of the portfolio is twofold: to display, not just the graphics work, but also the digital skillset of its creator. My experiences from a wide variety of artistic projects and environments, and the use of diverse mediums ranging from metal sculpture through most performance arts and award-winning written work; all lead me to say with some assurance, there are aspects of web design which share much of the joy and desire, the satisfaction and indeed even the frustration of the creativity expressed through other art-forms.

inputforcolor justifiably takes pride in doing two things particularly well: ifc Customer Support comes first and is second to none. It’s also around the clock. If a client needs something done quickly ‘ifc’ responds every time within the time-frame and with excellent results, at ridiculously affordable prices (ALL TRUE!)

The other thing inputforcolor does well is ‘bespoke’ and this blogsite is an example of that; hard-coded to be ‘unique’ but built upon a generic WordPress skeleton that can easily be operated by anyone who wants to upload their own content. Those craziest of concepts and insanest of ideas that people can dream up; ‘ifc’ takes on these projects with relish!

If your visit is about seeing images please check out both art . pages, whereas code .developer & code .inputforcolor are respectively about web development and how this highly adaptable blog site is constructed. Finally, portfolio .diary & about .inputforcolor both do what’s written in their titles.